Like a whisper
tissue is painted with purpose,
silk spun from crisp cuts,
white scented with sapphire
parading into Prussian
(fragile of frame and filigree),
like a thought
an image opens, a petal unfolding,
shades seep into substance
as the edges fade
(how quickly we fall to forgetful)
light, liquid, linger, a little longer.
Thoughts tied in twists of emerald
simplicity on a simple stand,
in a liquid light
and the memory leans in.

We are more fragile
than we know.

We could be more lasting
but only time will tell.

Not everything will linger
on after our whispers
fall to a fade…


All words and photographs y Damien B. Donnelly

This is a Repost


8 thoughts on “TO LINGER, LONGER, MAYBE

    • No, I can’t take the credit. I wish though. It’s a Christian Dior dress from the Dior exhibition last year at the musée des arts décoratifs in Paris which was so beautiful.

    • Thank you so much Paula 😘😘
      The dress kind of said it all, it was just waiting to be listened to perhaps. Greetings from the train heading back east to Dublin from Galway ☘️☘️

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