Look for me
in the layers lost,
in the careful caress
that concerns the contours
of form and finesse. The million
meters mounded into magic, turned
and twisted into tastes now termed timeless,
look for me in the yards that yield towards yellow,
that burn into beauty, like ochre opening, that grow towards
the gleam of green, that flit and flow like a feather in flight, like rays
of the old days that ripple on the water. Look for me by the curt corners
of concrete where complacency converges, look for me where the columns congregate,
creation is not just a concept concerned with procreation
but with the colours and costumes

we claim to parade our personality.


All words and photographs by Damien B. Donnelly

This is a Repost



3 thoughts on “OUR SHADE IN TIME

    • Thanks my dear, I remember you liked this a lot the first time round. I’m enjoying revisiting some of these poems. I forget about them at times, poor kids!!! 🤭☘️🤗😘

      • Nigel liked it too.. he used to have a copy on his office wall when we lived in Dunedin and I had one at home on the fridge (still do). Re the ‘kids’, you have quite a brood!

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