The New Hats

Movement, into open,this Earth is now an oceanand our toes eager to taste the tide again.Roads are waves,cars are accompanying dolphins,schools of fish, cruising outside of classrooms.Movement, into open,we are astronautsteaching ourselves how to stabilise our legson old streets that come to uslike giant steps onto new moons.Motion sicknesstriggered in these minor moveswe used to […]

The Sum Of

Everything is about numbers;numbers to hold,numbers to call,numbers to count you back to when you last came,to where you came from,to the miles you’ve movedsince then, the things you lost,the weight you gained, waiting.Everything is about numbers;race,pace,the breath you chase,the peace once possible,the place you never knew you were meant to be inin relation to […]

There are limits to what we can hold on to

We pick things, pull things,up from under, roots, weeds,things we dropped, things to distract,flowers to fill the spaces since vacated.We pick things, pull things. We keep things, store things,in boxes, under beds, in sheds,under sheets; your stool of supportwhere you watched us, running; out, off, gone.We keep things, store things things we didn’t know, thenhow […]