DAY 27; NATIONAL POETRY WRITING MONTH #NaPoWriMo There’s a lady with a leek, on the metro, next to me, a vegetable, vegetating while she’s reading a book, and that leek, next to me, moving through the miles, like vegetables, on shopping aisles, vegetating, waiting be cut, to be cooked, killing time; twisting, stopping, starting. There’s […]


Day 26: National Poetry Writing Month #NaPoWriMo Still morning, still forming, breath baying over brook and bank, still learning, still changing, stillness flowing through field and thought, still searching,  still drinking, the night passing,  the day not yet told, still waving, still rippling,  still remembering that which is done, still cloud, still covering, awaken not […]


  Day 13 of National Poetry Writing Month 30 poems in 30 days Beau, tu sais? Tu es beau, c’est vrai. Non, I say, ca, c’est pas vrai. Moi, je sais d’autre chose, mais beau? Non, I say, je ne suis pas beau. Fragility I know, mon ami s’appelle fragilité, pour lui je porte a […]


Day 11: National Poetry Writing Month #NaPoWriMo Was it true, was it you, in the blink of an eye and the history of a man out of time, a man not mine? Was it true, was it you, who settled sweetly onto sofa, who slipped swiftly into suggestions as we washed whispers with wine? Was […]