1. Well I arrived Wednesday afternoon and then flew to Palm Springs on the Thursday evening with my friends for her 50th birthday weekend and then got back Monday evening and flew back home on Tuesday afternoon but I did manage to cram in a lot of hill walking in the city all the same. I don’t like to miss out! Jet lag helped me be up early! 5 people said hello to me while they went to work at 8am! Strangers just saying hello while passing by! It ain’t Paris!

      1. That is so lovely and friendly! We found people in LA were also super friendly, even just like on the metro or the city buses!

    1. That lived in look is so appealing, it makes no excuses for who it is or what it was, it just exists, it’s one big melting pot and has a number of mad one too, I sat next to one on the bus! interesting journey!
      The hills are insane! It is like walking up walls

      1. Looks like a good place. Yes, the hills might be a problem as one gets older, but maybe they don’t do much walking when it gets to mountaineering levels of difficulty πŸ™‚

      2. I think that’s where the trams come in to save heart attacks. You can literally brush your nose up against the path in front of you as it rises so steeply the path is almost at the tip of your nose

  1. Lovely photos that definitely capture much of the city. My brother lived there for many years, but I was only there once briefly–with a baby–I don’t think we even have photos of the city. The photo of Castro with the gay pride flag, and A Star is Born on the movie marquee made me smile. πŸ™‚ It looks like you had a busy, but fun trip–seeing sights and also being with friends.

    1. It was a great Merril, if brief, but I loved every minute of it and especially to catch up with great friends and meet some new ones. I had a short time in San Francisco but I still managed to get about, my eager feet wanted to view it all! I did think the Castro picture was fun, sort of typified so much in the one shot. I think when you grow up in the back of a closet trying to find a way out, you hope one day to either find the freedom to see a star or else be one.

    1. Thanks my lovely, I did let the footsteps mount up although I took the bus back up from Castro to the Heights and sat next to a couple on Meth! That was fun! I felt like I was in an episode of Breaking Bad!!! I realized why everyone else was standing up(far from them) when I sat down next to them.

  2. Such a wonderful contrast of old and new, curves and lines. My brother lives in Oakland, and I hope to get out and visit one of these days. (K)

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