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I see you
all around me

I see you
in the sky
above me

I see you
in the water
below me

and in the sea
I see the sky
and in its reflection
I see your connection

and I am nowhere
and we are nowhere in sight
between the sea and the sky

we are the blink of an eye
we are the blink already blunk

we are not the sea
we are not the sky

we can sail the sea
but can’t comprehend its depth

we can fly through the sky
but can’t comprehend its infinity

I see you all around me

and you are endless

and we are just fish
stuck in the stream
caught on your current

and we are just birds
blown on your breeze
for but a moment

we are but a moment
but when we smile
that moment is everything

like the river when it finds the sea
like the star when it lights the sky

All Words and Photographs by Damien B. Donnelly


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We can see paradise
We can see poverty.
They live in the same place
paradise and poverty.
They are neighbours.
They are related.
They cannot exist
without each other.

We can feel happiness.
We can feel sadness.
They live in the same body
happy and sad.
They are connected.
They are family.
One would not exist
without the other.

We can touch black.
We can touch white.
They live in the same skin
black and white.
They are not neighbours.
They are not family.
You cannot separate
that which is the same.

We can feel straight.
We can feel gay.
They live on the same street
straight and gay.
They are brother.
They are sister.
They cannot have hope
without the others help.

We can hold love.
We can hold hate.
They shelter in the same heart
love and hate.
They feed on our feelings.
They fester on our fears.
We can hate to love
but should never love to hate.

We can hear music.
We can hear silence.
They live in the same instrument
music and silence.
They create harmony.
They share equality.
You cannot hear the music
without respecting the silence.

All Words and Photographs by Damien B. Donnelly

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I’m chasing 
beaches broken 
slipping in between sands sinking 
feet in search of footing firm
contemplating connections
between the sand and sea
as if to find reflections 
between the land and me.

I’m chasing 
beaches broken 
slipping in between sands sinking
watching tides through time trickle
dividing and subtracting
what’s lost and left to see
as if they’re reenacting 
what the years made of me.

I’m chasing
beaches broken
slipping in between sands sinking
currents coming to covet
corrections and corrosions
that trickle out to sea
along with the illusions
of who I thought I’d be.
I’m chasing
beaches broken
slipping in between sands


skipping over shallow streams


while holding on to hope.


All Words and Photographs by Damien B. Donnelly

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I’m flying though time,
drawing on daylight
to the west of me
while in the east
darkness descends,
the light already shadow,
the sun already set
but here, by the heavens,
there is only more and more
light, a day without dusk,
a journey without ending
yet I am not ageless.

I’m flying through time,
drawing on daylight
that rests with me
as west takes east,
courting cotton clouds
that blow through blues,
couriers of careful candy
we cut through curiously
and climb upon cautiously
as altitude tests turbulence
while I know nothing is certain
and I am not ageless.

I’m flying through time, 
gaining hours on hours, 
unending light from the sun
teasing, while the moon
is missing from movement,
I’ve seen sky slide into sea
seamlessly caressing currents,
I’ve seen sinking sands seep
from salt spits and dissolve,
to rise and shine and die,
while I chase the sun
but I am not ageless.

All Words and Photographs by Damien B. Donnelly

Audio available on Soundcloud:


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We walk on soothing sands
in far flung foreign lands
that sweep seductions 
over sky and sea, we see,
in loving hands, golden wedding
bands, no tighter knot any sailor
ever made, we walk on beaches
of borders blue, better blues
than any blue has ever been, a better bond
than any eyes have ever seen, eyes
that tickle with tears, eyes that see
a future beyond the years, we twist
and turn to songs serenading the sunset,
a sway of celebration, a joyous jubilation
to court the continuous currents
of the fortunate fate that found you,
a dutch delight and a perfect Per,
here and happy folding hands
around hearts while a certitude
sweeps the shore, connections created 
in this paradise where gods have given glory,
where the universe maps out for you
a story, and when the sun sets your foot prints 
will settle upon the sand where you once stood, 
impressions tied by tides like the rings now worn;
bands to bind the bearers, you are now
like the sea and the shore;
bound to each other,                       always and forever more…

All Words and Photographs by Damien B. Donnelly


Turks and Caicos Islands, Caribbean Paradise…

Planning, preparing, passports, departing, tempests, delays, more in light movies, more gin and tonics, detours, Paris- Miami- Charlotte (North Carolina- I now know where that is)-Providenciales, Turks and Caicos, airports, arrivals, heat, humidity, heaven, hotels, typical storms, floods, best friends, new friends, beautiful people, wedding, tears, laughter, dancing, drinking, conch shells, boat cruises, embarrassing snorkelling attempts (me), sand dollar shell hunting (bliss), joy, sunsets, happiness… Paradise…

























All Words and Photographs by Damien B. Donnelly.



I am touched and thrilled to have been nominated for the Liebster Award by fellow Paris lover, the lovely Alison Pierman (even if she herself compared it to a pyramid scheme/chain letter). I’m not fussy and have little time for shame, I’ll take any and every award going. 

So, Alison, thank you very much and I promise we will share a glass of vin rouge the next time you come to Paris for a visit.

Firstly, there are rules that go with the acceptance of the award (did I make it clear that I am accepting this award- it’s mine!): Here goes:

    1. Thank your nominator (done!)
    2. Post the Liebster Award logo on your website (done!)
    3. Answer 10 questions posed by your nominator (done- see below- I’m not kidding)
    4. Nominate 5-10 other bloggers for the Liebster Award (and notify them in the comment section of their blog)  (Or they can see if if they read this…)
    5. Pose 10 questions to your nominees

1. Paris or Provence?

It’s Paris for now and the foreseeable future. I first moved to Paris from Dublin, Ireland, when I was 22, naive, non-french speaking, no job, no friends, no contacts, It could have not started any worse but it was the start of a wonderful romance, Living With Paris, me and my lady of light. I left when I was 24, distracted by London and Amsterdam and have just made it back here last year. So I’m putting down roots this time. Thick roots, deep roots. I turned 40 here last august which seems fitting if life really does begin at…  Perhaps Provence will be my pasturing period, when the novels are filling the shelves and I’m seeking a deeper inspiration barefoot on the soils and bald under the sun.
2. What is your favourite topic to post about?

Poetry is my thing, always has been, ever since I was a kid trying to figure out the world and my place within it. It was cathartic at first before I braved that great barrier of letting other people read what I had scribbled (it took about 25 years) and from there it took off. I tend towards personal reflections mostly, even in photography I’m drawn to scenes that show reflections in windows, puddles, still waters, moments captured that will evaporate minutes later. I’m intruded by the stillness that can be found amid the hustle and bustle. Someone commented recently how most of my photographs of Paris are devoid of people. Substance, shapes and shadows but no people. It’s funny because I think that’s how I actually see this city that was home to me from the first moment my feet made contact with its streets. It’s always been Paris and Me and when I walk through the city, that rarely changes while I constantly do, I see no one else but me and my Lady, in her pearls and Chanel twin set. I hold a cane next to her to look more distinguished as opposed to delusional. 
3. Do you blog as a hobby or a career?

It’s a mixture. I studied fashion design in Dublin, during the early Irish chapter of life, and have been a pattern maker for various fashion brands for almost 18 years, but these days I see myself as a creative person, merging inspirations and interests from writing, fashion, baking, painting, drawing, taking pictures (I’ll never die of restlessness). In my heart I’m a writer, in reality I’m both, but at the bank I’m just a pattern maker who gets paid. One day I’ll be both financially.
4. Cats or dogs?

I had a cat once, he used to pleasure himself whenever anyone came to visit. I had a dog when  was a child, my mother may have frightened him away, she’s not really an animal lover as much as a shoe or bag lover. Maybe he feared for his skin! Can I pick a teddy bear instead. They need less looking after. My plants die quickly- I’m just saying…
5. Writing superstitions or odd habits?

On the metro on the way to work in the morning when everyone is rushing about and finishing their makeup or just eyeing each other up- it’s a world of inspiration all in one carriage. You got to capture it before the doors open and it runs away. No big superstitions but I love wiring on planes while flying over the world, clearly the altitude offers a different perspective both geographically and mentally. I’m off to Turks and Caicos, in the Caribbean, for my dear friends wedding on Wednesday so that’s a lot of hours to cut the clouds into super soft sonnets. 
6. Where did you go on your last big trip?

The last big trip was moving from Amsterdam to Paris. It took nearly 16 years to get back here finally but I’m here and it’s home. The shortest/biggest trip was India in 24 hours for work, a pit stop on the way to China but it remains in the memory, floating on a colourful swirl of sumptuous sarees sailing from motorbikes that broke through the insanity that was called traffic, including wandering, worshipped cows and goats lead by blind men who wore smiles like others wear worries. The next big trip is Wednesday. Caribbean here I come. Oh good god- wish me luck, Irish skin burns to a crisp like pig’s cheeks!
7. Favourite current fictional book?

I’m reading John Boyne’s Beneath the Earth, at the moment, a collection of short stories from the author of The Boy in the Stripped Pyjamas, and I’m mesmerised by the various voices he has captured within the pages and between the lines. Did I mention that he is Irish.
8. Favourite current biographical book?

Katharine Hepburn. I’ve read 3 different ones so far and loved both ‘Me, Stories of my life’ by Katharine herself and ‘Kate Remembered’ by A. Scott Berg. I can hear her in my head speaking to me when I read them. She was just radiant. The eyes, the cheek bones, that voice, the timing and the determination. I wish I had her balls! I was born in the wrong time. I want to be in a screwball comedy with Kate and Cary, in black and white, of course, in a three piece suit and shiny shoes, and a hat and a cane! And later on, when I live in Provence, I want a lake like On Golden Pond and loons that look out for me as they fly over head. 
9. Number 1 on your Bucket List?

I’m working on editing my first novel, The Journey Home, at the moment. Seeing it on a bookshelf would be No. 1 on the Busket list. Or a book of poetry. I found a letter in the family attic I wrote when I was 16 to my older (less haired) self. It said that I was to have a book of poetry polished before I was 30- maybe I meant 50! I was also supposed to remember to that I am a total romantic! As if I could forget- romance keeps hitting me in the face!
10. What blog hashtags you follow?

Poetry, Nature, Photography, Paris, Steampunk (just throwing that in there!)


I nominate, due to the beauty between their lines, the following Creature Creatives:

1 Jane Dougherty Writes:

2 Jennifer Calvert at Ink and Quill:

3 Paula Antonello Moore at the Expressible Cafe

4 Peter Notehelfer Gathering Stones Strung on Threads

5 Elan Mudrow

6 Karma Linguist

7 Musing of a PuppyDoc

8 Crumbs of Expression

The 10 Questions:

1 Why did you start writing in the first place? Can you recall your first attempt?

2 Where do you find inspiration?

3 Do you have a daily, weekly writing routine?

4 How difficult is it to set aside time to write?

5 If you could be any author, director, actor, sportsman, who would you chose? Why?

6 What is your favourite book, film and song?

7 If possible, what period of time would you most like to travel to and experience?

8 How difficult is it to write about personal experiences?

9 Fact or fiction? Is it easier to make up or to write from observation?

10 If you were to join me on my Caribbean Island holiday, (I said if) who would you most like to bring with us to keep us entertained?

And so that’s the Liebster award in a tough nut shell.

To those I have nominated, please don’t feel obliged to respond or continue this on, but I hope you feel a little twinge of pride. I’m certainly thrilled to have discovered and loved the lyrics and lines that beautify your blogs, along with a whole world full of other geniuses out there who are, so far, unmentioned by me…

Keep up the good work and to quote Gidget all grown up;

 “You like me, you really like me…”(Sally Field oscar speech for Places in the Heart,)

And to steal the most recently cool parting line… Damien Out!  

“Agave” on poems2go — O at the Edges

Still Sharing on Sunday…

I’m sure you all know and love the works of Robert Okaji by now from O at the Edges but I just read this and felt compelled to share the link to it, just in case any of you missed it…

My poem “Agave” is one of five featured this month on poems2go poems2go offers poetry to take with you, tuck in your pocket, your wallet, or to share. Five poets are featured monthly and multiple copies of their poems are printed on 4″x 6″ loose-leafed paper and distributed to selected cafes and/or bookstores for patrons to […]

via “Agave” on poems2go — O at the Edges

Along the River- Gathering Stones Strung on Threads

Sharing Sunday continues…

This is a beautiful piece I came across on my blog wanderings today from the painter of words Peter Notehelfer…

In the sandstone cliffs a thousand dug`out caves no larger than a grown man’s fist and from the swirling mass of birds each pair finds that of their own bearing some small morsel for their chicks inside On the sandy beach the perfectly hollowed out skeleton of some forsaken deer caught between the coyotes above […]

via Along the River — Gathering Stones Strung on Threads