The New Hats

Movement, into open,this Earth is now an oceanand our toes eager to taste the tide again.Roads are waves,cars are accompanying dolphins,schools of fish, cruising outside of classrooms.Movement, into open,we are astronautsteaching ourselves how to stabilise our legson old streets that come to uslike giant steps onto new moons.Motion sicknesstriggered in these minor moveswe used to […]


  9 is not yet known to this Sunday morning but already I’m playing catch up with the dawn in a once foreign field now renamed home, running after breaths and age that is unobtainable like caressing clouds or surviving on the sap of stems where needles immerse nettles in a loneliness we have come […]


  Wondering how to move now after such torpidity, wondering how to recognise now the trenches as we take slow steps across the battle fields of playgrounds, bus stops and aisles packed with questions of contagion carried in other people’s trollies. Wondering how to move again after such paralysis- limbs lurching as thoughts shift forward […]


  Slow hum. Morning beckons- delicate dance of daisies, baby bunny in back garden thinking it’s his whole world, even the breeze is bouncy. Breath better than before. Slow hum of day unfolding, footsteps on sidewalks, sights on slow lanes, softly humming. Even runners head towards hedges now- hedge funds thrown to the ditch- see […]