Video Poems

Shades of Blue from Eat the Storms

Scarlet Rising from Eat the Storms

Tattered Brown Trousers from Eat the Storms

The Purple Petal from Eat the Storms

Grains of Sand Beneath Cerulean Skies

The Irises of our Eyes from Eat the Storms

Meditation Under the Yellow Sun from Eat the Sun

Up for Air, After from Deep Time Vol II, Black Bough Poetry

The Sea and the Stars for the Eastside Arts Festival

Dali Distractions from Stickleback

Cusps on a Canvas from Stickleback

Mobilis in Mobili, inspired by Jules Verne 20,000 leagues under the Sea

Calypso, After Ulysses for Bloomsday

Saboteur Awards Festival 2021 – reading for the Poetry Spotlight – The Hedgehog Poetry Press

Funny, the Oddity of the Odyssey, after Joyce, read by Anne Doyle, winner of Holding it Together Apart creative writing comp.

Cats and Dragons and Brollies as read on Eat the Storms, the podcast podcast

Kevin Bateman Presents, I can Dream and You can Love Feb 2018