Hello and Good evening from packing central Paris where I think peace has already been placed in a box and therefore panic is certainly present but I am trying to encourage it to pander more towards party!

The countdown is on. I leave my job as a pattern maker at the Paris Atelier of & Other Stories (women’s wear Fashion and lifestyle Brand) on November 29th and leave Paris on the 6th of December and head to a new life in Ireland, the distant Irishman returning to his homeland after 23 years. Fashion is out and whatever is next to come is in the hands of fate.

But this week has been a bright light in terms of feeling empowered and that this mid-way, mid-life change has been the right decision.

You may have heard my screaming on Monday, as it was announced by the genius that is Hedgehog Press that my debut collection of poetry will be out and about in 2020. And then, as if that was not enough to literally make me cry with joy (and there were joyous tears with the mother over the phone last Monday) on Friday morning Black Bough dropped its 3rd issue and there I was, amid a sea of stunning creatures. As I said to someone regarding this issue, I feel like a goldfish in an ocean of magnificent dolphins… just look at the list of talents below including the amazing editor Matthew M.C Smith,  Anne Casey, Elizabeth Horan, Mari Maxwell, Colin Dardis, Ruairi de Barra, Claire Loader, Niall M. Oliver, Eliot North to name but a few…

The link to this issue 3 of Black Bough Poetry, entitled Yoke, where you can download the pdf, is…


Please take a moment to stop by and read this visceral and visual blooming brilliant online magazine. 



IMG_5582 2


I never thought I would be so overjoyed to see a twitter post than this one above.


Happy Days everyone,

Dami X



  1. Congratulations, Damien. It was fascinating to read your poem, especially in the context of the entire issue (and to read about the requirements for submission, e.g. no more than ten lines, “imagist” in style, etc.). It looks like you will be leaving Paris with a bang–perhaps not as big as the upcoming Armistice Day events, but definitely with increased visibility (and perhaps a bit of notoriety).

    • Thank you Mike, it is certainly the best way to leave Paris, leave the country and leave a 20 year old career. A little more encouraged now! 🤞😊

      • Hahaha. Well, you beat me to getting a collection published. That hasn’t happened for me yet, but hopefully in the future. BTW, we say “Come from Away” last night!

      • I can’t believe it hasn’t happened yet for you- it definitely will because you astound me with the visions yours words conjure!
        Oh, Come from Away- were you blown away? 🌟

      • Thank you, dear Damien. To be honest, I’ve only submitted one chapbook to one place, and it got good comments, but was not selected for publication. I’ve been too busy to work on more, but since I’ve sent off my sexual harassment book and finished some other assignments, I can get back to poetry! 🙂 Yes, Come from Away was wonderful!

    • It’s all adding to the adventure on the way and reassuring me too that this was the right time to change! I’m hoping you are doing well and writing up a steady storm 🤞🤗

      • I’m trying to write up the steady storm, more like the winding road of editing. I’ll stick with it even though there are great moments of testing.

      • Well I am glad to hear you are sticking with it! It’s the toughest part of the journey; the re-writing and editing and editing! I don’t know how many times I’ve read my novel and reread and rewrote…. on and on and on but we got to cling to the belief- we are story tellers and there will be listeners some day soon 🤞🤗🤭

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