Nothing of Noise

I awoke last night- Still drowsy from dreaming- To be enveloped instantly By a surreal silence As the darkness Carried the weight of your absence To the depths Of its sulking shadows. I sat there, Alone and shaking- Upright in the bed- Blanketed In an all too restrictive covering Of icy cold, concrete-like blackness- UnableContinue reading “Nothing of Noise”

In the Architecturally Fashioned Memory of Modern Made Man

  I am of an age that is ageless, The very essence that lingers somewhere Between shadow and light; That indescribable grey matter separating All that aligns itself with black From all that derives its purity from white.   I am the illusive thread Which ties the journey together, Twisting and twirllings of threads WeavingContinue reading “In the Architecturally Fashioned Memory of Modern Made Man”

To the East of Ignorance

I had wanted to show you it all; For you to revel As much as I In the magnificence I had seen And felt. Perhaps it was my fault- In the extreme- Maybe my blinkered view, Like the race horse- Seeing only the green of the track And the glory of the win ahead WhileContinue reading “To the East of Ignorance”

In search of a Still Shining, Fading Star

I was once silent Amid the noise, Shadowing the world in stillness While all else- But I- Found its motion. I watched as dreams Slipped swiftly Through my fumbling hands- Hands powerless to awaken my slumber to the realm of reality. I’d been held And felt nothing in that very touch- Nothing but the visceralContinue reading “In search of a Still Shining, Fading Star”

A Thousand Sweet Dreams

  I will love you for a thousand years and a thousand years more if only you’d ask and I would, you know, lock that love away so it can’t be touched, tarnished or tampered with. I will hide it so deep within my heart that every beat will be stronger for it. I willContinue reading “A Thousand Sweet Dreams”

Not One Fucking Tear

Fuck it! Fuck it, I keep saying To myself In the place of Bashing skull against wall. Fuck it, I stripped it all down for you, Laid it physically And mentally Bare And emptied myself Of all my silly secrets And petty principles And all for this- This insipid accomplishment of nothingness- The fucking emptyContinue reading “Not One Fucking Tear”

Courant d’Air

  Lost somewhere in love’s language Between bonjour and au revoir. How is it I have strayed so far From what was once so important? I have travelled land and sea But with each step A part of you approaches from the past, Present and possible future To remind me of your existence, To recallContinue reading “Courant d’Air”

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