The Sum Of

Everything is about numbers;numbers to hold,numbers to call,numbers to count you back to when you last came,to where you came from,to the miles you’ve movedsince then, the things you lost,the weight you gained, waiting.Everything is about numbers;race,pace,the breath you chase,the peace once possible,the place you never knew you were meant to be inin relation to […]

There are limits to what we can hold on to

We pick things, pull things,up from under, roots, weeds,things we dropped, things to distract,flowers to fill the spaces since vacated.We pick things, pull things. We keep things, store things,in boxes, under beds, in sheds,under sheets; your stool of supportwhere you watched us, running; out, off, gone.We keep things, store things things we didn’t know, thenhow […]


There are sink holes in the back garden where I stash the stems of subconscious longing along with feathers plucked from the stale fights over ownerships of books and bonds. When early morning climbs drowned dream with blinding light there’s an impulse to uncover boulder used to bury hole and reach in to touch all […]


  I found you in Amsterdam, weet je nog? Natuurlijk! Somewhere on the Overtoom, in the summer of my slow 30’s when home was a broad barge on a narrow gracht. Lijnsbaansgracht it was. Weet je nog? Natuurlijk! I wonder how deep the things we’ve held are carved into our core- like all those letters […]


  Things change. Sunday morning I rise, though with no rolling stone miracle, and thread footsteps into the field where the passage of daisies have taken over from the pressing soles of sport. Things change. Later, in cream pants and oversized sofa sweater instead of the customary suited and booted parade affair, I drop smoked […]


  In a quiet corner of Korea, tucked thoughtfully behind a dozen back street twists designed to derail any uptight tourist, there sits a pair of us, unbreakable, in the evening light and smiling, still In a wooden bar at the far end of the Seoul where cocktails came with chicken soup and crisp fruit […]