The breath is stilled, life is sea and sky bound in a blanket
of both current and cloud, moments are just
impressions, reflections of all that has fallen
and all that floats on the future’s feather;
a fragile fluttering to
the left of frame.
Still is
the breath,
thoughts unfurl;
curls of creamy consciousness,
there is darkness, floating, certainly,
but peal it back and there is light lingering
in an unconsciousness we have yet to caress

with consideration.


All words and photographs by Damien B Donnelly



  1. “Moments are just impressions, reflections of all that has fallen and all that floats on the future’s feather” unfurling in each moment of awareness. Evocative poetic thoughts, Damien. Caressing one’s unconsciousness is so full of unknown possibilities. The photo is it’s own poetic moment. Happy that I encountered this gem from you. ❤

    • The photos of the Wild West are on the way. Holiday and Irish exploration over now, at airport and time to fly back to Paris, for now 😘😘☘️☘️

      • I learnt about St Christopher, patron saint of travelers y’day; post done by a blog-friend of Kay’s (she has a streak of Irish). Cool Irish song on it too. I liked these words: “There’s two lanes running down this road, and whichever side you’re on Accounts for where you want to go, or what you’re running from”. Don’t feel obliged to look but if you want to take a peek its at this blog (and then scroll down to August 12th post).

      • Ah, The moon and saint Christopher- one of my favorite Irish songs and Mary Black is some of my favorite singers since I was about 19. Her family are a famous group of singers. I’ve seen her many times in concert- about 3 times in Amsterdam- her version of A Song for Ireland always fill me with tears when I hear it abroad!!! Just landed now and ready for the coach back to Paris! Getting to New York would be easier! Will check out the post ☘️😘

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