Passing Relations

We found each other for a while, for a moment That should’ve lasted longer, while we searched For a new life amid ashes of ones already lived With frailties and fractures and losses in each. We stopped for each other- a bond too briefly bred- And in delighted ignorance planned out a future As inseparableContinue reading “Passing Relations”

The Irish Rose of Paris

You fancied yourself as a writer, I think, So many tales fell, so breathlessly, from your memory. I am sure it was upon a sweeping staircase Where we first met, long before foreign men tempted And twisted us with foreign tales and foreign lips. You, with your cascading curl’s, The color of chestnuts in autumn,Continue reading “The Irish Rose of Paris”

Human Nature

There are moonlit nights On sandy shores- Barefooted and barely clothed, Worries washed away on waves And troubles left for other days.   There are soulful nights In firelight lost- All Red-wined up and caught in kisses, Drunk in love and wrapped in arms And blanketed in each other’s charms.   There are lonely nightsContinue reading “Human Nature”

Paris- Within Me

What is it about you that daily replaces you In front of my eyes No matter how far from you I travel? Were you the first one I saw from above With your grey slates, Smokeless chimneys And laddering towers to the Gods? Specs of gallant green Among your columns and follies, Your marching boulevardsContinue reading “Paris- Within Me”


I am sitting in a cafe In a city now called home, I’ve travelled many roads to get here- And most all of them alone.   There’s been multitudes of languages And a million changing faces, Solitudes of silences And unforgettable embraces. I am eternally the estranger In a land of other locals, Externally theContinue reading “Travelling”

In Absence

In your absence It’s not that there’s less Laughter to life, There’s not less love Or even less light, Not all comfort is lost Or all joking discarded, Not all happiness hushed Or all joy deserted.   It’s not that I’m saying The sun won’t rise, That darkness descends And sorrow arrives, I won’t pretendContinue reading “In Absence”

The Judgment of the Shadows

Did we smile at each other, At least, at all, Before the bond broke That day, that morning, After the dawn rose In all its innocence, Imperceptive Of how it would part us, Ignorant of the virtue you’d lost And the sadness it would cost.     And did you feel the judgment of theContinue reading “The Judgment of the Shadows”

Nothing, Beyond the Sea…

‘Nothing can be done,’ She said Almost smiling, Her clothes and skin A lighter shade Of hospital white, ‘Nothing can be done-‘ She said, ‘Head up, Eyes forward, Grin and bare it.’   Nothing more to do, Nothing else to see, Not a single reason to cry- No ocean flood will bring them back For strong currentsContinue reading “Nothing, Beyond the Sea…”

The Blissful Wake

Before my eyes open, My body senses you and slowly Accepts the breaking light In the shelter of your arms, Beneath the scent of our lust Still lingering in the room From the night before, I begin to stir And your body wakens to mine- Aroused as our legs find ways To entangle and entwineContinue reading “The Blissful Wake”

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