The Sum Of

Everything is about numbers;numbers to hold,numbers to call,numbers to count you back to when you last came,to where you came from,to the miles you’ve movedsince then, the things you lost,the weight you gained, waiting.Everything is about numbers;race,pace,the breath you chase,the peace once possible,the place you never knew you were meant to be inin relation to […]


I climb things, climbed things, out of warm womb,fresh from first hold into new armsalready breaking, wondering about climbing back up. I climb things, climbed things, chimneys in a child’s mindlooking for traces of reindeer and reasonsto still believe in faith and family and catching flight. I climb things, climbed things, out of closetsand their […]


  Boys came calling after school, sometime between six and eight, before the summer- longer days under the swell of frustration. Boys came calling after school, halting homework and hunting, looking to come closer to a truth but I held mine firm, in the door- halfway, me half in, half confused as to what they […]


  I had you, for a while, at hello till I turned out to be someone you didn’t know as the sun set and the shadows slipped over uncertainty, like obscurity was a form of security to cover those curt corners you’ve learned to conceal instead of trying to heal, concerns you’ve turned into crutches, […]