he saw colour
in a park, a simple park
on a Sunday, in the summer.
he painted colour 
in that park; clear, considered
untainted, untampered
specs of colour,
rays of light
in a park
on a Sunday, in the summer 
in a season of details, in a salon of specifics
under demands to consolidate, co-operate. 
he saw colour,
a canvas of light and colour,
a carnival of colour.
he saw colour 
in a park, on people
simple people, working people
fishing people, fidgeting people
not polished people, not posh people.
They buried him
in a park,
another park,
a quieter park
but still with light and colour.
They buried him
and then they buried his son
and then another,
life and death,
father and sons,
children and art,
children or art but only art survived.
He saw colour
on a Sunday, in a park, on an island, in Paris, 
to the left of its center
and there he made a difference.  


All words and Photographs by Damien B. Donnelly

Photograph taken on Ile de la Grande Jatte, Paris, France. 


  1. What an interesting fusion of vision, thought and poetry (mainly the alliteration, reminding me of bright colorful strokes). Un vrai pointillisme de mots!

    1. Thank you for reading- you put words and pictures out there and hope they will find an eye or an ear to rest upon for a while- so thank you so much, Dami

      1. Not a problem, sir. I already love the way you’re using your medium(s), and will be sure to follow up on what you conceive next. Thanks for writing!

  2. Damian I enjoyed this poem the staccato rhythm – the effective simplicity of bringing us back to its theme….thanks (

    1. Thank you Ken for coming over to read. I am glad you enjoyed it- it was really exciting to write it. I’d spent the morning on Ile de la grande jatte and it just flowed from there.

  3. Reblogged this on shagus and commented:
    Your composition gave me a beautifully clear vision of the complexities yet simplicity of our days on this planet….. Thank you for showing me your perspective.

      1. if you may send some readers to mine and viewers i will whole heartedly appreciate it ..

    1. Thank you for your gracious comment- being on the island inspired me that had so long ago inspired Seurat. Time of course changes everything but there are glimmers…
      Thank you for the reblog Gabrielle, best wishes from Paris, Dami

  4. such an interesting idea, i’ve never seen poetry mixed with photos like that. If you’re interested in discovering poetry stop by my blog!

  5. A beautiful composition by the writer..
    A beautiful relation of life and colours…
    But the only irony of this colorful life , it starts with one colour , ends with one colour and always describe in one colour. ..that colour is black….
    Dont know why?!….
    Keep the great work coming sir, all the best!

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    God bless

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