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Eat the Storms, Damien B Donnelly, debut collection published by The Hedgehog Poetry Press September 2020

Stickleback, Considering Canvases with Boys, Damien B Donnelly, micro collection published by The Hedgehog Poetry Press

Deep Time, Vol II, poetry anthology, published by Black Bough Press

Impspired Magazine, Volume 4, poetry anthology, published by Impspired

A Page from My Life, Short Story Anthology published by Harper Collins with the ray D’Arcy RTE Radio Show

Two Metre Review, Winter Edition 2021, poetry anthology, published by Two Metre Review

Fevers of the Mind Presents Poets of 2020, anthology published by Fevers of the Mind and David L O’Nan

Year’s Best Body Horror 2017 short story anthology, published by Gehenna and Hinnom

The Runt Magazine Issue 11

Prismatica, Issue 15, published by Lazy Adventurer Publishing

Nous Sommes Paris, poetry anthology, published by Eyewear Publishing

Second Chance, short story anthology, published by OriginalWriting.ie

Blue is the New Black, A 10 step guide to building a Fashion Collection by Susie Breuer including an interview with Damien B Donnelly as a Patten Maker

Voices from the Soul, a poetry anthology, the International Library of Poetry