I hid your name in between a word, I put this word into a line crammed with so much content where you’d disappear behind the syntax and then, just in case, I tucked this line into a story that unfolded over time into a tale that would tell of a book that someone lost on […]


  Boys came calling after school, sometime between six and eight, before the summer- longer days under the swell of frustration. Boys came calling after school, halting homework and hunting, looking to come closer to a truth but I held mine firm, in the door- halfway, me half in, half confused as to what they […]


Rocket pesto and ricotta meatballs Almond cookies  Pork pie Buddha bowl Frittata    glazed chicken adobo thighs   Ham cheddar and chive bread Apple, strawberry and almond sponge Irish soda bread   Sausage, vegetable and rosemary traybake Smoked Salmon chilli and chive quiche Chicken chorizo stew Orange Breakfast Muffins Chicken Thigh Traybake with leek, pea and […]


  Slow hum. Morning beckons- delicate dance of daisies, baby bunny in back garden thinking it’s his whole world, even the breeze is bouncy. Breath better than before. Slow hum of day unfolding, footsteps on sidewalks, sights on slow lanes, softly humming. Even runners head towards hedges now- hedge funds thrown to the ditch- see […]


  Swans have long necks though not as long as giraffes but I wonder still if they can see further upstream than the rest of us whose necks barely stem a few inches above the clavicle. The current is a nonstop exciting confusion, waves of wisdom and what ifs- what if I fall, what if […]