And so light leaned in as we had done
though not for fever, though not for fun,

although we had found and we had felt
that rarest gift which cannot be shun;

on one fair night a love alighted
when two from far took their breath as one,

yet Time, being so when love slips in,
seeks all connections to come undone,

when the dawn arrived, shrouded in shame,
born to tear apart what had begun,

she pleaded with the light unfolding
but hearts lost hold for the day had won.

All words by Damien B. Donnelly


6 thoughts on “DAWN ARRIVED

  1. Nice poem, Damien, but it’s not a ghazal. Somebody didn’t read the assembly instructions, did he? Two line stanzas, the second line ends in the refrain and the rhyme falls on the word that immediately precedes the refrain so it’s an internal rhyme. I hope you have a wait for the bus at the airport to sort this one out 🙂

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