There are limits to what we can hold on to

We pick things, pull things,up from under, roots, weeds,things we dropped, things to distract,flowers to fill the spaces since vacated.We pick things, pull things. We keep things, store things,in boxes, under beds, in sheds,under sheets; your stool of supportwhere you watched us, running; out, off, gone.We keep things, store things things we didn’t know, thenhow […]


There are sink holes in the back garden where I stash the stems of subconscious longing along with feathers plucked from the stale fights over ownerships of books and bonds. When early morning climbs drowned dream with blinding light there’s an impulse to uncover boulder used to bury hole and reach in to touch all […]


  Slow hum. Morning beckons- delicate dance of daisies, baby bunny in back garden thinking it’s his whole world, even the breeze is bouncy. Breath better than before. Slow hum of day unfolding, footsteps on sidewalks, sights on slow lanes, softly humming. Even runners head towards hedges now- hedge funds thrown to the ditch- see […]