Last night you came calling
like a song to soften the shadows
and found me slipping in between
the silence and the slumber.
Last night you came calling
softly with your whispering words
that filled the longing, soft words
that settled upon my bed like a blanket
to sooth me. Last night, in the sweetened
stillness, you bent down from above,
from far away, from somewhere
beyond the silence and beckoned me
closer with your wisdom, whispering
words, softly like stars in the darkness,
like hope in the loneliness, welcome
words whispered which fell from your lips
and moved amid minds, warm words
that rested softly in between worlds
of sleep and seclusion, that found my ears,
that soothed my shoulders, that caressed
my chest like a breeze, a beautiful breeze,
a beautiful summer breeze that lets you breathe,
that finally enables you to breathe. Last night
you whispered from a world away and I awoke
all the lighter as the night gave way to day.


All words and photographs by Damien B Donnelly

This is a re-post, i’m still on holiday!!!!



9 thoughts on “WHISPERED WORDS

  1. Why haven’t I seen this before? Warm healing whispering words from a world away that enable me to breathe – wow! It’s now 8.49am here in Tapanui and I’m enjoying these words, sitting up straighter, breathing deeper.. and about to go and make a pot of tea 🙂

      • Just waiting on permission from Pepix (Germany).. so excited about this post! Thank you 🙂 BTW the new headshot you’re using looks very nice.. except that’s a meaningless word so I’ll substitute “incisive” – that was my next thought!

      • I’ll take nice anyday! That was me trying to look arty at the beautiful Hugh Lane Gallery in Dublin after a rather severe self-chopped last-minute hairdo before the holiday after a little incident with a candle being too close to my head or my head being too close to a candle 🤭😳

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