A Simnel cake (a traditional Easter fruit cake with marzipan inner layer and decoration and a little dash of brandy) made in my kitchen in my grandmother’s memory…



Wishing you all a Happy Easter, Sunday, Spring day, Sunny day or whatever you like to call it…


All cakes made and eaten by me!


15 thoughts on “HAPPY HOLIDAYS

  1. Wow! It’s so pretty, and I’m sure it’s delicious. Happy Easter!
    Passover desserts here this week, but I did make an almond cake that’s pretty good.

  2. And yours has knobs on! I’ve seen that done but my grandma’s (and mother’s) simnel cakes had icing on top of the layer of marzipan. You really have to like marzipan.

  3. Happy Easter-Spring-Sunny-Sunday to you as well, dear Dami! 😘

    The cake looks delicious! Your grandmother must be smiling, now.

    There’s another synchronicity, by the way. Not being such a good pastry maker, I created little junebugs, ladybirds from marzipan as well as little easter nests with tiny marzipan eggs. They would look great on a plate together with a piece of your Simnel cake.

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