in the mind

that had no

existence before,

a platform to ponder

in a place that doesn’t

exist, in truth, until it’s been told.

I move through this Hemeroscopium

like an architect building a house

into a home, unearthing light

to contrast the shadow

my thoughts have

been confined in,

a helix that

spirals out

from within,

that will return

and move on, return

and move on, up towards

that light turning transparent,

sentence into substantial structure,

considerations becoming concrete

clarities that form walls, fold out

into roofs that consider creation

compulsory, stories rising from

basements, tales spinning

off, casting reflections

upon the windows

of this place,

this mind

that watches

the sun rise and set,

time twist and turn, again

and again, the circles, always

the spiralling circles, even in a straight

sentence, even in a slotted surface.

I build spaces to house beds and

beams and bright lights to lie

before this tower of truth

and watch the visions rise

and fall, like the sun, like

the laughter, like life,

like tales, like


that never stop

while always changing,

an ancient arch now foundation

to modern moment, a true temple

of contemplation in this space holding

space, light and space, shadow and

space, sentence and space, space

between the sofa, space

between the


All words and sketches by Damien B. Donnelly


5 thoughts on “HEMEROSCOPIUM

  1. So stunning! I’m caught up in the vision, conceptual design, building and construction of sentences that never stop while always changing.. what a whirl of creative energy! Love the visual rise and fall of the verses AND the beautiful sketch with lovely colours! This creation of yours exudes a wild and free exuberance that draws me in and draws me out.. you’ve drawn deep from your wells of inspiration and the result is immensely satisfying. Well done Dami! Big Hugs from Lix 🙂 ps. I’ve embranced this one closely along with my other favourite poem of yours

    • Ah, i am so glad you liked this one. I really enjoyed working and then making the sketch for this poem. I love architecture and poetry has a similar approach; a delicate balance between space and structure, foundation and fancy, carefully constructed and causally creative. Thank you so much Liz for your kind words, I so appreciate them and am beaming now with smiles 🤗🤗

  2. We are indeed construction our own cities of words that exist only where and how we create them. Wonderful movement and form–you know I love spirals and circles. (K)

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