1. Nice mix of different photos Dami! I like goats but got a surprise to see a goat prominently displayed in London.. what’s that about?

    • Hehehe, I Goat is a sculpture from Spitalfields market designed by Kenny Hunter. He’s normally bright white and independent but I caught him on a dark day in December a few years ago during a inspiration trip to London with some co workers when I was living in Amsterdam. He is cute

  2. Wonderful images. The forth from last seems very dystopian, and I love the centurion sculpture too (but where is it), it’s so wonderfully pared back, and the stonework behind introduces a kind of shifting pixel effect.

    • Thanks Nigel, the sleek and stark centurion is at Southwark Cathedral which you can see in the background, there is another shot of the church a few pictures above this one with cloud,s trees and the impressive rose window of the cathedral. He might be one of the guardians of the church. The dystopian skyline is from the east side of London, I think, maybe around the Dalston area when it was just becoming the cool place to be. We had been visiting the LNCC, the coolest design concept store I had ever seen, it was like clothing shopping on the starship enterprise!

      • Thanks Dami, I just had a hunt around and found –
        a blog on London sculptures, the author actually tries to find out who designed\built the item and what the object’s made from (aluminium+GRP). I’ve heard of this process but never seen it.

      • So happy you found this, I had a vague idea where this picture was taken (the picture is about 15 years old) but did have to double check but couldn’t really see any info on the statue itself!
        Sending you all best wishes, watching the news and so shocked this morning.

      • Thanks Dami, it is horrifying and very unsettling (altho’ not surprising unfortunately as NZ is a racist place).

        Incidentally, I saw your reply to Liz re the folded shirt. One of the most inspiring landscape architects on my journey has been
        Kathryn Gustafson who commences many of her landscape designs by draping cloth to find forms.

        One of her gardens is the former Paris Shell HQ, and another at Terrasson in the Dordogne, the garden I’d most like to see, preferably in a wind, and at night as it has bells set in the trees.

      • Thanks for this Nigel, I will defiantly check her out. Hope you are both recovered from your colds. Sending you some Irish saint Patrick’s day greetings. ☘️

  3. I love how your series in various cities capture the beauty and whimsy in each of them, as well as the unique character of each. So many wonderful images here–love the close up of Big Ben, the street art, that display of old lanterns on the wall, the path between the daffodils. . .ok, I guess pretty much everything. 🙂

    • Thanks Merril, It’s so much fun looking back through these memories of what feels like other lives. The path between the daffs is from Holland Park which became my running track during my last few years in the city and I loved it here, not just because I got to live in the ROYAL Borough of Kensington! The lamps was from a restaurant somewhere in East London.

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