1. Interesting selection of photos.. Nigel was wowed with the first one! I was fascinated by the pyramid building with windows in the side. I’d love to visit the Netherlands and there’d be lots to see and do but I couldn’t imagine living there.. its so flat!

    • It gets a little hillier going south but there is a certain magical mystery in the flatness, on cycle routes you literally don’t see the next stop until you are right in it. If I remember correctly, the pyramid building was a low cottage with a super high pyramid shaped roof near Marken, a small but really pretty fishing village. They had some solar panels on the front of the roof. Each little town has a certain shade of paint to decorate the outside of the houses. It was a few hours cycle from Amsterdam but always such a peaceful cycle, 10 minutes outside the city and you just have nature and all the bike paths follow fields instead of motorways. I never thought I would last 10 years, when I left London I thought I would stay for maybe 2 years max! Time flies in the flatlands LIz

      • I think I might like cycling there on the paths.. I’m a timid cyclist having only learnt as an adult and not had much opportunity to practice at the places we’ve lived so far.

    • Well, it’s true that when you go cycling outside the city, the land is so flat that the skies takes pride of place and, on good days, the clouds are rulers.

  2. Oh, Damien–you should have heard me oooohing and aaahhing over here over these photos. I started out saying the first photo was my favorite, then I went no, this one. Then no, this one. . .It looks like a great visit (or at least a great photo-op! 🙂

    • Ah, I wish I could have heard you! 🤭 they are all pictures from my past, 10 years wandering around Dutch roads looking for the way out and not really noticing that I’d been slowly making my way in instead. All shots from cycle trips to here, there and everywhere possible in the wonderful flatlands that seemed so much bigger than their actual size suggested. 🤗🤗

      • “10 years wandering around Dutch roads looking for the way out and not really noticing that I’d been slowly making my way in instead.” It’s like going back over the rainbow from Kansas. 🙂 Whatever the magic, the photos are wonderful.

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