I of soft nights dream
above a sea of harpsichords,
where clouds are cooling caramel
and the stars set alight with the scent
of a pristine perfume deemed delectable.

I of soft nights dream
neath a curve of cloistered courtyards,
drunk on desires dawn will deliver
as dusk dressed Diana sets to slip
my careless catastrophes far upriver.

I of soft nights dream
on a bed of chamomile seats
where leaves lean in to comfort from cold
and fine floret rays of petals white
dance around the apple scented hearts of gold.

I of soft night dream
through this climate’s current chaos
of laughter lines beneath sweet thy smile,
of caress, kiss and chorus of choir
and the comfort that comes to call for a while.

I, of soft nights, dream…

All words and photographs by Damien B. Donnelly

Inspiration for today’s poem must be given to Nigel Cowburn from Growplan; His wife Liz from Exploring Colour; told me last week that his response to my poem Solo Sail was that it reminded him of harpsichords, chamomile seats and cloistered courtyards! I couldn’t let those images be passed up on. Thank you Nigel.


7 thoughts on “FOR A WHILE, TO DREAM

  1. Ms. Liz

    What a pleasure to read, and especially out loud which I did, and we laughed as we found the words! Wonderful word weaving.. a soft, beautiful dream complete with cooling caramel clouds.. couldn’t have a better start to my day 🙂

      1. Ms. Liz

        I see its getting on in the evening where you are. Sweet dreams! I need to get myself into gear to face the day. Thank you! 🙂 🙂

      2. deuxiemepeau

        Hehehe, thank you! It’s been two long work days, yesterday benchmarking to see what all the other stores and department stores are selling; colours, moods, prints, textiles, shapes, prices and then today a team building workshop analyzing our own collection which was really good but now I am fit only for the sofa and bed! Hope yours is colour filled 🤗

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