Tall is the man
willing to rise before the break of day
beneath the blanket blackness
and tip toe into the still untempered tide
blindly, current cast as yet unclear,
and trust in time
to lean in with light.

We can be cold creatures
staking our claim
with breath of blue
into our ever-shortening shores
but quickly warmed and welcomed
when we see beyond the shallow
and dig beneath the depths.

We are not owls
who serve the night
but oceans
brought to life
with the breaking of the blue.


This photograph is of St Clair beach, Dunedin, Otago, New Zealand and was taken by Nigel and used by his wife Liz for her blog exposing all that is colourful and beautiful Exploring Colour. Recently Liz asked me to give the photograph some thought with regards to a poem and this poem above is what I penned while on route to San Francisco last week. The original link to Liz’s blog post is;


Nigel’s Landscape Architecture blog is;




  1. Wonderful! We found your poem as soon as I logged into WP this morning, thanks so much Dami! and I’m just about to share on my blog.

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    • Thank you Dorinda. I am very well, just back from San Francisco and Palm Springs, it was my dear friend’s big birthday so a group of us headed to the springs to celebrate under the sunshine and splendor of Joshua Tree- amazing!!! I hope you are keeping well and in a warmer part of the states at this moment in time 🤗🤗

      • Sounds like so much fun!! I bet you were torn as to whether to go home. I, unfortunately, am in the North-Eastern part of NJ. Brrrr, although today was beautiful, around 60F. Hoping it stays this way, but we have snow in the forecast. 😦

      • Oh no!!! I hope you are braced with blankets, log fires and comforting food! It was strange to be in sunny California and yet see the weather forecasts so extreme elsewhere! Suddenly you realize how big America is!!! It was tough coming back especially to Paris having had the most amazing service everywhere I went. 5 people said good morning to me back in San Francisco at 8.30am while they rushed to work and I explored the city! A smile and a good morning! For free!! Oh well 🤭🤔🤗

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