9 is not yet known to this Sunday morning but already I’m playing catch up with the dawn in a once foreign field now renamed home, running after breaths and age that is unobtainable like caressing clouds or surviving on the sap of stems where needles immerse nettles in a loneliness we have come […]


  They call it Good Friday, Mum initiates the conversation early for fish and chips and somewhere, not far from subconscious, I near a church and its pressure leaning in on her sudden sway for the taste of something fishy, less meaty, today, on this Good Friday where tales tell of salt and vinegar and […]


  Dry earth, its sharp teeth tear through trunks, spines spindle around nature’s tenacity; this rugged rage of rocks that have rolled, boulders are the big bands here spotlight of sandy sun bolts and center stage dawns of desert dust. Dry earth, cutting clouds like carefree-cotton fall apart amid the peak-like pinnacles that places people […]