1. Your photo posts are always a treat, what a great way to start my day. Love all the different design details. And the beauty and grittiness. Thank you Dami!

    • I am so glad they are a treat for you. The madness about this city is that it looks like a museum; so very beautiful when you view from outside the frame, but once you look inside, everything is gritty and falling apart. But the urban sprawl has been going on for quite some time and now places where once you would have been mugged and then murdered are now top tops sites for concept stores and bio bakeries, though every now and then you still find someone around the corner shooting up!!!

      • Its refreshing to see and hear some reality via your photos and comments Dami! It must be an exciting city to live in but very challenging too (I recall your tribulations trying to get even half decent internet).

      • My dear Liz, i remember going on holiday to the Dutch owned Caribbean island of Curaçao, back when I was living in The Netherlands in that other lifetime, although why I jumped from life in Holland to a holiday on a Dutch island is beyond me now, but it is a world heritage site and, from the distance, beautiful until you walked behind all this stunning, typical Dutch style architecture, painted with Disney-esque radiance shimmering on the blue waters and found the infrastructure decaying, poverty hiding a single frame away from sight and a distinct disconnection between tourist and native. Paris is similar, here we are in the center of Europe, history soaked into every cobble on every street, some of the most beautiful museums housing the most breath taking art and of course, couples kissing along the Seine. But behind all that glitters and distracts, the decay of old and ancient is rife and rotting and sometimes you feel like this cannot possibly be the center of a European city but a dysfunctional shack on the edge of a forgotten village. But glimmers of its past glory still looks like gold in the occasional sunlight, strong enough to blind the best of us, at least until the next demonstration or riot or strike because buried deep here is the feeling that perfection was once attained so why change anything. I used to think Amsterdam was backward, and I apologize for that error, until I came back to Paris and found it had not changed in the 18 years since I’d last lived here. The funny thing was I wanted to come back and dreaded it at the same time, feared I would no longer recognize the city and so get lost. But the truth has been it is I who have changed, who have seen other cities, smaller cities, braver cities race ahead, including formerly the good old drunken, formerly Catholic Church controlled by fear, Dublin. But it was Paris who had stayed the same, stayed stuck, had gotten lost in a former glory now gaining only on rust. The question now is what to do; keeping running forward in a city standing still or consider another trail to tread my tracks along. Sorry, a rush of thought before bedtime 🤔🤗

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