BUOYANT, Day 22 of A Month with Yeats



Day 22 of A Month with Yeats and the quote from Jane Dougherty is:

‘I wander by the edge of this desolate lake where wind cries in the sedge:’ —W.B. Yeats

My poem is: BUOYANT


Is it here where the tears

come to find peace

in this place of serenity?

I lay down this lake of loss,

hope for the soil

to soak up the sorrow,

by the side sedge

I wedge myself up from the waste

and bury all that turned base

at the bottom of this bed,

no longer sheets of cotton comfort

but sludge soon to be swept under,


Is it here where reality

ripples into reflection,

the sinking illusion

of what I thought to be perfection?

An impression of light and shade,

now lighter, now shadier,

now just a remainder

waiting for time to submerge.

I lay down in this lake;

a lough of loss, locked, lost,

waiting for the tide

to wash over me,

waiting for the tears

to dissolve within me,

waiting for time

to refine me, re-find me

buoyant instead of beaten.


All words and photographs by Damien B. Donnelly

Audio version available on Soundcloud:

6 thoughts on “BUOYANT, Day 22 of A Month with Yeats

      1. deuxiemepeau

        Oh my god! I forgot! Happy thanksgiving my dearest! The smell of delicious food must be amazing at your place! Have a wonderful day 🤗

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