Today’s quote for Jane Dougherty’s A Month with Yeats is from ‘He Wishes His Beloved Were Dead’. ‘…your hair was bound and wound about the stars and moon and sun:’—W.B. Yeats

Jane’s beautiful blog is:

It’s been a challenging 24 hours but at least this poetry challenge has let me tune out to some of the chaos.

Today’s poem is called IN DREAMS


If to sleep, if to dream

was to live, was a part of life,

was left to the living

and not just the dreaming,

then how close we would be,

you and your smile of the summer,

you with those eyes, brighter

than all the stars,

you; no longer a dream

below the gentle moonlight,

so subtly deceptive,

but we live in a light

that is blinkered

and see our souls only

while sleeping neath the stars.

We are bound to dreams

that whisper wishes

we cannot always reach,

like stars we cannot touch,

like holds we cannot have.

I held you once, in a taxi

turning through time,

neither yours, never mine.

We were star crossed,

blazing a trail towards other sparks

we thought we needed more

than each other.

If to sleep was to live,

then in dreams we could be more

than life allows.

But no, we live in this blinkered light,

never quite seeing the whole picture,

never quite knowing

who is standing beside us

until they are gone.


We are sleeping stars,

sometimes we are bright,

sometimes we are no more than a blink.


all words and photographs by Damien B. Donnelly

IN DREAMS, day 23 of A Month with Yeats

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