For Jane Dougherty’s A Month with Yeats poetry challenge, today’s quote is taken from ‘The Second Coming’ by W.B. Yeats: ‘The blood-dimmed tide is loosed, and everywhere the ceremony of innocence is drowned;’

Jane’s blog is:

My poem is called: WHEN THERE WAS BUT A WAVE


Was it not all an ocean once

before bodies forged out land

for feet to fondle, to flatten?

Was it not all trickling tide once

before hands hunted harbors

for bellies to fill, to fatten?

Was it not all blue waters once

before creatures courted color

to devaluate, to distinguish?

Was it not just wind and wave

before man thought to wonder

what on earth he could extinguish?

What will ripple on the waterfront

when the tides turn on time

and man is pulled asunder?

What will be the second coming

when man is taken down for all

his pillage and all his plunder?

When rivers rise all red and roar

to wash away the tarnished trace

of the soiled sand we ravaged,

will it carry on it’s current

the power to plant a second seed

on the land our deeds have damaged?

Time turns on every twist,

tides rise after every fall

but we can never get back to before.

Innocence, once lost,

is quickly forgotten.


All words and photographs by Damien B. Donnelly

Audio version available on Soundcloud…

WHEN THERE WAS BUT A WAVE, day 8 of A Month with Yeats

13 thoughts on “WHEN THERE WAS BUT A WAVE, day 8 of A Month with Yeats

  1. You stated it so beautifully again, dear Dami!
    I sometimes get the impression that innocence has become something people consider one should be ashamed of. As if innocent people have seen nothing of the world and do not know anything about life. Obviously a set up that is supposed to tempt us to give up our own innocence so that those who already lost it do not have to face their shame about themselves. (As if it was possible to run from that…!)
    Personally, I believe, someone who manages to maintain innocence during times like those we just experienced must be a very strong and wise person with a powerful light.
    Thank you for your wonderful and inspiring poetry!
    Much Love,
    Steffi ♥

    • Thanks ou so much Steffi for your comments and support. I completely agree with you- there is such a push away from innocence, in place of power, of greed, of consumerism, of commonality. Shamefully days indeed!

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