THE LEGEND TIME WILL TELL OF US, day 9 of A Month with Yeats


It’s day 9 of Jane Dougherty’s A Month with Yeats poetry challenge and today’s quote to inspire something new is: ‘Troy passed away in one high funeral gleam, and Usna’s children died.’ W.B. Yeats

Jane’s blog is:

My poem today is called THE LEGEND TIME WILL TELL OF US


We are the tales

our children will tell of us,

our mystery and musings

bound to a cord we hope

was not cut too deep,

those not bound to bare

will be buried in the hearts

of those who loved them

more than in the earth

that will eat them,

the worms that will weave

trails through their tissue

now taunt, their flesh

now fallen to fodder.

We can be glorious

if they can recall our goodness,

or a rouser of war if they grew

weary of our tales before

time grew tired of us. We make

what we can out of time, but our

legend is what time will make out of us.


All words and photographs by Damien B. Donnelly


    1. Thanks Sarah, I’m running behind in catching up with everyone else’s! Clearly fitting poetry in during work lunch breaks is the way to go! Really happy you are enjoying these ones. Enjoy the coming weekend 🤗

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