A Poem about the GPO, Dublin’s iconic General Post Office

a site that’s seen more than just letters of love in its time…

for Poetry Day Ireland 27th April 2017




Beneath the pillars 
of your past, 
I posted letters 
between your walls 
and wondered 
if they rubbed up against 
the souls of your saviours,
if they met with memories 
that were made and measured, 
bruised and battered,
between your bricks and mortar
before being buried in blood


How many letters of love, 
lined in lust and longing, 
have perfumed your pillars
working their way 
through your worthy walls
and haunted halls 
in search of hungry hearts 
to hold them,
to open them,
to hear them.

All Words by Damien B. Donnelly. Photograph borrowed from internet (I will give it back)


    1. deuxiemepeau

      Isn’t it so funny!?! Not the government buildings but the post office! I guess everyone knew how to get to Clerys department store so the GPO was just across the road- who knew where the Dáil Éireann was!!! Now the revolution will be at the maternity hospital!

      1. deuxiemepeau

        Suitable for the rounder ladies entering I guess! Although if the church gets its way now, ain’t no ladies going in according to the word in the street, so to speak!

      2. deuxiemepeau

        Don’t even get me started the story of the adoptions carried out by a certain group of nuns at one point in Ireland from two very different viewpoints! A woman gives her child up for adoption in the hope they will have a better opportunity and all is carried out legally and then a women comes on the other wide to adopt a child and it happens illegally where money is maxed over for a baby and to hide all the evidence, the documents are all burned so that none of these babies could ever have the opportunity of finding their nature mothers ever after! And how so many still bend on hand and knee on front of what they call the house of god! God has cleared out in Shame!

      3. Jane Dougherty

        The church, religion in general as far as I’m concerned is just a form of social control. As long as it’s optional, people are free to believe what they like. But when it becomes a state organised insidious nasty creeping institution like it has been in Ireland, I don’t see how in can be tolerated and for people to still say they believe in freedom.

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