In a patch of the park
bench and bark are bound
like hands that once held hearts
on seats in summer
when days were only dawning

in times now twisted
into memory like roots
now turning in the turf
beneath bench and bark
in a patch of the park.

In a patch of this earth
shadows slip over soil
and all that once was
whispers on the breeze…

Break the benches
where we once rested,
cut down the trees
where we once sheltered

but roots,

roots are like hearts held

their impressions last longer
than benches and barks
in patches on parks.

All words and Photographs by Damien B. Donnelly

Audio version available on SoundCloud:


5 thoughts on “DEEPLY ROOTED

  1. Always so great to hear your voice. The poetry truly comes alive in your reading. Is that an up to date photo? Is there no snow in Paris right now? Incredible image and imagery nonetheless.

    • Thank you so much for your kindness!! The photo was two months ago but it looks the same now. For the last three weeks it was too cold for snow- a constant -4 degrees but with glorious sunshine! Random! There has been a couple of snow attempts but nothing lasting. Temperatures have now risen to 7 degrees but it somehow feels colder! Anyway it keeps me indoors so I can edit the novel- still! When do you stop? Hope yours is coming on well! Take care, Dami

      • It’s pretty cold here. Many people i know go south to the US or Mexico while I have to contend with the chill. Not so fun. You’re writing a novel too? would love to know details. Trudging continues in my editing. Feels like I’ve been saying that forever. But I’ll get there. This year is hopeful. Cheers dear friend.

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