5 thoughts on “#WeRemember

  1. My grandmother came to America from Germany with a single mother right after WWII. In our family, we have a rather fun love story of my Grandma meeting my Grandpa on a street corner in New York City. He grew up in Massachusetts, a child of Swedish born parents.
    We celebrate and remember collaboration and a melting pot of families.
    We absolutely have to remember the horrors, traumatic disaster and deaths in the gas chambers. No one should forget the way it started with a mega-maniac who preyed on fears of people in differences building Hate! ~Robin
    Love wins over Hate if we are able to stay faithful to Love.

    • Thank you so much for sharing your beautiful melting pot story Robin. We should be able to be better than we were. We should be able to be who we are, without fear, in harmony. It is stories like yours need to be heard and cherished. Thank you

  2. Words of hate often lead to actions of hate. The greatest danger is when hate ceases the reins of control and steers a whole nation. How easily we are led , first by promises , then by coercion, and finally by demand. All moral sense leaves us and we will do anything,
    Those who would take us by the hand first tell lies supported by freedom of speech , we are disillusioned so we listen placing more importance on our own well-being than the voice of conscience.

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