Yesterday The Hedgehog Poetry Press released a viewing of the cover of my debut poetry collection Eat the Storms.

When I was 16 yers old, I wrote a letter to myself and filed it away in the back of the attic. I found it a few years ago and it reminded me that I was expected to become a very famous fashion designer, that I should clothe the world at ridiculous prices and be interviewed on Fashion Television by Jeanie Becker and also have a poetry collection published by the age of 30.

Well, I worked around the world in fashion, as a pattern maker, for 20 years, the most expensive brand perhaps being Calvin Klein in Amsterdam and the coolest and most recent being & Other Stores in Paris- a name which suited me very well. And now, 15 years later than planned, as I settle back into life at home in Ireland after 23 years away, my poetry book is being printed and a dream is becoming a reality. I think that’s the 16-year-old kid currently doing cartwheels in my belly, otherwise it’s just nerves.

The book will be available from 17th September with pre-sales a little earlier. You will be able to purchase signed copies from me here on the blog via the Book Store page, from The Hedgehog Poetry Press Website and from

In the meantime, if you are you looking for more information about The Hedgehog Poetry Press, its creator and its authors then come back soon as I will be starting a series of interviews with Mark Davidson, its creator and some of the Hoglets as they launch new collections. Stay tuned for more information. Meanwhile The Hedgehog Poetry Press can be found at…


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