8 thoughts on “TIDES

    • Thank you my lovely. Hope you and Nigel are well. Awful that NZ is facing another round of Covid but your leader is blooming impressive! Numbers rising here again. 200 new cases yesterday which is dreadful and it’s not even winter and flue season yet! Here’s to brighter days

      • 80% infected are Pacific Islanders so I’m concerned for their community in Auckland. The first social gathering Nigel went to (back in July) he got a yuk cold and then I got it. Lesson learned. We’ve decided to stay away from indoor gatherings and make it our policy not to shake hands. We’ve been merrily going to cafes recently though, taking care to maintain distance. I love your country and I’m sad to hear about the resurgence – much worse than ours. Much love to you and your mum! Take care.

  1. This poem is a lot of fun, Damien, and I read the stanza in columns, which seems to the way you intended judging from the rhymes, in rows, and in spirals ending in the middle. The stanzas worked really well no matter how I read them, though the final feeling is a bit different depending on whether I end with “We can only swallow so much” or “While never letting go of the truth of where we will dig our graves.”

    • I like the idea of the mixing of the reading. I didn’t see this myself so will have to go back- it’s like one of those 80’s books that had multiple endings 🤭

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