I lift a book and watch as dust particles catch air

(dust; tiny particles of waste matter lying on surfaces)

sentences stir, structure returns to life after slumber,
some things come back- having long been forgotten

(memory; the mental ability to retain and to recall
previous experiences)

I turn pages with consideration, parts pressed back
through time, corners folded over where you wanted
to hold onto a moment for longer, retaining words
that came easy but were lost too soon.

My fingers trace the line of narrow spine still holding
onto crinkled paper like crisped skin that once held us
in firm holds to spite time.

If time was held in paper, I’d take it, like the pages
in this book and fold back the parts too piercing
for the memory and duplicate days where we held
minutes as monumental, recalling them later, after,
when dust settles and weeds overgrow the delusion
that we should have been more.

(Delusion; a fixed false belief, resistant to reason)

I lift the book and watch as dust catches air-
particles of spirits that still matter, recalled from pages
that once held them captive before their chapter came
to its conclusion.

(Conclusion; the end or finish of an event or text).


All words and photographs by Damien B. Donnelly

3 thoughts on “BOOK OF MEMORIES

  1. Mike Powell

    I love books, the physical ones–reading an electronic version of a book is definitely not the same experience–and was intrigued by your imagery of memories held in the pages of old books. Memories are such strange things as we sometimes forget the things we want to hold onto and can’t help but remember that which we would like to forget. Conscious memories can be selective as we try to filter and curate them to fit some self-prescribed image. What is unsettling though, as you hint throughout your poem, Damien, is that unconscious memories, resuscitated perhaps by an object from our past, can reveal the reality of our duplicitous delusions, leaving us with more questions than answers. Time perhaps does not in fact heal all wounds.

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