I glisten to distract,
like a snowflake;

the sparkle before the melt.

Particles of fleeting perfection
floating through the hands of time,
falling through all these imperfections.
If only my clutch were tighter, truer,
if only I knew more of my own truth,
too many skins already slipped through,
too much prediction put on that perception
of perfection that can never be preserved.

A snowflake
cannot be caught intact. We cannot catch a cloud.

We cannot always clear the way for the truth.
Perfection: a twist of our perception,
a precious perspective from a single point
never again to be seen. What if it’s never seen at all?

Glistening like a snowflake, falling.

A snowflake can be a melting tear
or a tiny miracle on track to disappear.
Truth; an elusive illusion, a deathly desire
tenuously tied to what I present to you
and to how you perceive me.

To what we fear and what we are willing to reveal.

I glisten,
to distract attention
from all about me that doesn’t sparkle.


All words and designs by Damien B. Donnelly


7 thoughts on “ATTENTION

    • Thank you Liz, this was an interesting write and revealed more truths, to even me, as it unfolded. Thanks for the tip about the error- lifesaver 🙏❤️

      • I’ll copy here what I’ve just put on your twitter tweet ’cause it took a while for me to format my response.. “Gorgeous! which hardly does your poem justice but I read it and I feel like I’m falling, and falling.. in a downward spiral although not in a depressive way – I just fall silent and I’m in some place where there are no words.”

  1. Once again, Damien, you grabbed me with the ending of a poem, forcing me to consider the question of who I really am and how it relates to the “me” that I present to the world. Can anyone know me the way that I know myself? Can I know for sure how others perceive me? Do they see more than I think I am sharing? Can I actually hide a part of myself by glistening more brightly to distract attention? Why do we wear ourselves out striving to attain a sense of perfection that probably does not exist? Are we only fooling ourselves?

    “Truth; an elusive illusion, a deathly desire
    tenuously tied to what I present to you
    and to how you perceive me…”

    • The older I get the more I realize being misunderstood is often because I have been mis-explained by my own hands, words, gestures, fears. What others see is often only down to what I have been willing to reveal.
      I hope you are doing well and settled back home and ready for the festive season. Christmas hugs on the way to you my friend 🤗🎄

      • I am hosting a friend’s Cocker Spaniel this week, so there will be no shortage of snuggling. Freckles and I will be traveling a couple hours on Christmas Eve for dinner with the extended family of my ex and then will have Christmas dinner the following evening with some close friends. I can see from the decorations that you featured in a posting that everything is decked out there for the holidays. Hugs across the Atlantic to you, Damien, and wishes for a wonderful Christmas.

      • Thank you Mike, sorry last night I had just gotten into bed after a day of cooking from 10am till 7pm and then eating so was shattered.
        Glad you hear you and the spaniel will be sharing Christmas with friends so I wish you both a wonderful day of food and fun and best wishes for 2020 and thanks for being a part of my Paris round up 2019 🤗🎄☘️

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