9 thoughts on “NO COMPARISON

      1. Paula Antonello

        Hey Dami not sure why it happens each time I comment on your site. So strange. Anyway it’s me 😉 so, you’re moving? I asked what brought the change on? Unless it’s a personal thing. Xo

      2. deuxiemepeau

        It just became time, the circle turned back on itself, a little higher up on the spiral but there it was, a path leading onwards to the place where I started as if to see how far I got from it. It’s been 23 years since I left Ireland so it feels like a foreign country at this point but a friendly country and that is important. Peace is more important than perfection and Paris is possibly too perfect to embrace any true peace.
        I also, of course, want to be closer to family and I know that they would certainly love for me to be closer to them, at least for a while.
        I am also going through a time of looking within and questioning who I am and where I came from and a part of that also slips into my background which is part shade, part shadow; the adoption, which I never questioned before, now feels like something which needs to be questioned. Just to know why; where I came from, why I write, why I question and don’t ignore how I feel. Part of it is trying to embrace my worth and I think going back to the beginning might help release that hold on that worth that sometimes feels too heavy to hold.
        And finally the long term plan is to run a B&B-Writer’s retreat on the west coast of Ireland, a co-lab of writing and music and cooking and baking and exploring the landscape and its artistic ghosts. Fingers crossed and I will keep a room for you whenever you need a little place to escape to.
        Hope that explains it, thought I might have run over a little!!! xxx

  1. Paula Antonello

    Fabulous long term plan! I love it!!! And would definitely love to have a room 😉 fingers crossed for you for sure that everything finds its way into a clearer path for you. I hope you keep up your posts as I look forward to them. But I’ll understand if you need a break. I think we’ve moved beyond post chit chat anyway. You are a friend and I look forward to following your new path. Bestest hopes and wishes to you. When?

    1. deuxiemepeau

      Thank you and yes, chit chat is done and dusted for us. The adventure begins or continues in December. I finish work at ‘& Other Stories’ at the end of November, hang up my pattern maker gloves and see what lies ahead. I wish you joy and happiness and defiantly want to hear and read all about yours too 🤞👍🙏🤗😘

      1. Paula Antonello

        Well do keep me posted my friend, please then. 🎈And Good Luck and thank you. I need all the cheer I can get too w the long trudging Novel. Best.🌼

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