9 thoughts on “NO COMPARISON

      • Hey Dami not sure why it happens each time I comment on your site. So strange. Anyway it’s me 😉 so, you’re moving? I asked what brought the change on? Unless it’s a personal thing. Xo

      • It just became time, the circle turned back on itself, a little higher up on the spiral but there it was, a path leading onwards to the place where I started as if to see how far I got from it. It’s been 23 years since I left Ireland so it feels like a foreign country at this point but a friendly country and that is important. Peace is more important than perfection and Paris is possibly too perfect to embrace any true peace.
        I also, of course, want to be closer to family and I know that they would certainly love for me to be closer to them, at least for a while.
        I am also going through a time of looking within and questioning who I am and where I came from and a part of that also slips into my background which is part shade, part shadow; the adoption, which I never questioned before, now feels like something which needs to be questioned. Just to know why; where I came from, why I write, why I question and don’t ignore how I feel. Part of it is trying to embrace my worth and I think going back to the beginning might help release that hold on that worth that sometimes feels too heavy to hold.
        And finally the long term plan is to run a B&B-Writer’s retreat on the west coast of Ireland, a co-lab of writing and music and cooking and baking and exploring the landscape and its artistic ghosts. Fingers crossed and I will keep a room for you whenever you need a little place to escape to.
        Hope that explains it, thought I might have run over a little!!! xxx

  1. Fabulous long term plan! I love it!!! And would definitely love to have a room 😉 fingers crossed for you for sure that everything finds its way into a clearer path for you. I hope you keep up your posts as I look forward to them. But I’ll understand if you need a break. I think we’ve moved beyond post chit chat anyway. You are a friend and I look forward to following your new path. Bestest hopes and wishes to you. When?

    • Thank you and yes, chit chat is done and dusted for us. The adventure begins or continues in December. I finish work at ‘& Other Stories’ at the end of November, hang up my pattern maker gloves and see what lies ahead. I wish you joy and happiness and defiantly want to hear and read all about yours too 🤞👍🙏🤗😘

      • Well do keep me posted my friend, please then. 🎈And Good Luck and thank you. I need all the cheer I can get too w the long trudging Novel. Best.🌼

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