I am 44 today. I found this poem I wrote when I was about 17…


Another Exodus

Being born
we die from the life before we lived,
that existence within our maker
but time transcends
and towards the light we fall,
swept along with an ignorance of the future
and a tire of the past.
The exodus arrives
and the tunnel ends.

Hands engulf
drawing us into a plebeian existence
where breeds an ignorance of the past,
a fancy for the future
and an enduring of the present,
but crawling,
our path is towards another plain,
another existence,
another light in a radiant tunnel.
Another exodus.


Just over 3 months left until the next exodus; leaving France and moving to Ireland. It’s gonna be an action-packed year and I cannot wait to see how it all unfolds. Here’s to finding the light! Thanks to everyone for coming by and reading and commenting and inspiring, I appreciate all your comments and support so much, Dami XX


All words and photographs by Damien B Donnelly


14 thoughts on “ANOTHER EXODUS

  1. Happy Birthday, Damien, and best wishes for your upcoming relocation. It is fascinating to note that some of the themes that you explore in your more recent poetry were already present in your writings as a teenager.

    • Thank you Mike, that’s very kind of you. it is funny I found the poem yesterday, in between baking cakes for today, and thought nothing really of it and now, with your comments, I read it back over and thought- oops! You are so right. I thought I was always a wonderer but clearly along a similar sounding path, maybe that’s why it is leading me back home now. Best wishes- would send some cake if I could.

    • Wow! First off BESTEST WISHES to you Dami!!🎉🎉Second I had no idea these life changes were coming. What will you be doing? Why the change if you don’t mind me asking? And of course sending you the most sincerest good luck for the next big phase. 🎈Exciting to be returning home?

      • Thank you so much for the wishes Paula, I think I might need them. Sorry to reply so late too! Maybe it’s age and forgetfulness! 🤭
        Time just aligned for a change and that change was Ireland, time to go back and see how far I’ve come I guess. Also the longer I am away the more I appreciate it, the more I miss the friendliness of the country, that small town spirit. It has its bad points but at least I won’t have to change who I am just to live there. Any longer in Paris and I would have to become an ass to survive and I like to smile, even when I’m down!!! After 23 years it will be nice to be closer to family and friends of course, to just feel like you can drop in instead of planning flights and timings.
        I also want to focus less on fashion and more on writing and eventually to have a b&b/writers retreat on the west coast! Cooking and collaborating and writing and music and workshops and yoga and whatever and whoever else wants to come join! So fingers crossed for plans and packing and dreams and wishes. Maybe you’ll come visit one day. Big hugs 🤗😘☘️

  2. Happy Birthday, Dear Damien! Wishing you many more and also wishing you an exodus of light-filled splendor and adventure! (I actually thought you had already moved.)
    Like Mike says, it is interesting that you explored some of the same themes at seventeen. And now I have Janis Ian’s “At Seventeen” going through my head. . . . 🙂

    • Ah, what a song, I just looked back over the lyrics, I used to sing along but never really listened! Holy Moly! Thanks for the wishes my lovely. Still in Paris till December, just been visiting Ireland to see if I can understand the accents hehehe

  3. I’m amazed at the thoughts and writing you achieved at the age of 17. I remember the age of 17 well as I had my own Exodus then. I applied for a job in the far-away city as a librarian and surprisingly was accepted. My dad hadn’t wanted me to leave home so soon but agreed to allow me to go. It was a tumultuous year as I struggled to adapt to city people and city ways, blissfully ignorant of how ill-prepared I was to cope. Eventually it all worked out but with many hard-learned lessons along the way. Wouldn’t want to do that time over again tbh! A much anticipated homecoming is surely the best kind of “Exodus”.. I’m so happy for you and looking forward to hearing about your big adventure!

    • What a wonderful story of determination though, we are capable of so much more than we think. Every lesson a new stepping stone and every fall a new way of learning how to rise again. Thank you my dear for the wishes and the encouragement and for the our sharing of our tales 🤗😘

  4. I don’t think I ever saw the stepping stones as a life-long journey (sudden thought – when I read your comment). I’m totally cool with stepping stones … they’re progress 🙂

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