Beat and blow
and bare away,

let not blood rip beauty black.

We watch,
we want.

“I want hot peaches, honey,” you said.

“No music for me,

no sun”


All words and photographs by Damien B. Donnelly

This is a repost as I am busy baking birthday cakes for myself and co workers



      • That’s me! In a taxi right now with the sweet treats on the way to work! Getting from the sunshine and traffic struggles 😂🤗

      • I salute you! Baking multiple cakes in your hot temps.. you’re a tiger for punishment but well done!! Enjoy the fruits of your hard work and have a fab day! the cake-bearer is sure to be very popular 🙂

      • Well this time round they were gluten free and vegan, a cheesecake with Cashew instead of cheese which goes in the freezer and raw Carrot cake cup-cakes with cashew cream frosting which just went into the fridge. So the heat was kept down! Wasn’t till last night that I realized one of my coworkers can’t eat nuts so then I made a quick Soda bread! But so much fun!

      • Sounds delicious! I had to laugh about you having the various dietary options covered, then realizing about the were busy! Great feast you whipped up 🙂

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