All photographs by Damien B. Donnelly

A lot of photographs, I know, I did edit, I promise, I took over 250 photos in about an hour while skipping like a 4 year-old around the place that was practically empty. I think this might be the city’s best kept secret and ‘how dare you’ Roland Garros, the neighbours, try and dig this place up to extend your tennis courts! This is priceless! Now who’s Out!


  1. Jane Dougherty

    Magnificent! And to have it all to yourself! I love the old glass and ironwork but it must be hellish to keep it clean. Roland Garros… I think I hate tennis almost as much as I hate cricket. No, I think I hate tennis more. Paws off!

    1. deuxiemepeau

      Well, nightmare to clean I imagine and am grateful no one as asking me to help out there!!
      Roland got a little of their way as they built new glasshouses which feature plants from the four continents, they are laid-out in a rectangular shape semi hiding a tennis court sunken in the center! Cheeky devils!

  2. Ms. Liz

    Wow.. what a wonderland in which to while away the hours. Thanks for all the beautiful photos! That red hibiscus is a treat. And I love the cacti collection that you managed to get so well-focussed, even though shooting through framed windows. Fantastic, very well done Dami! Gee..this place is HUGE.

      1. Ms. Liz

        Oh absolutely – if we’d been there we’d have been skipping too hahaha as I dissolve into giggles…

  3. Ms. Liz

    and ps. the long trailing dusky red flowers..I guess you know one of the names for that is Love-Lies_Bleeding. In the Victorian ‘language of flowers’ these stood for hopeless love or hopelessness –from Wikipedia. Great photo to accompany one of your poems!

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