1. Aw, thanks for that! You posted a photo of what my kids called ‘Maman’s grande maison’. I was always on the same side of the ward, and twice had the same room, top floor fourth from the end. I used to stand on a chair to wave out the window at husband and whoever on the quai before they went home across the Pont d’Arcole.

    • Ah I am so happy you found your grande mansion. I love the memory of you waving to the family as they came across the water to see their latest family member. These pictures are from Monday morning this week, today it all might appear a little different judging by the news reports of the riots. From tranquil to terrifying in two days! Vivre la France đŸ€Ș

      • They are tremendous memories and I’m lucky to have them. It broke my heart when they turned the maternitĂ© into a hotel. The work was already beginning when my fourth was born there.
        I see that the one they arrested for insulting Alain Finkielkraut was at the forefront again, defending one of the black hoodlums when the police took him quietly on one side.

  2. I see you took all these on Monday.. thanks for sharing! Love the dapper drake evidently waiting for a boat ride, and the boat named “Playtime”. Hahaha.. how do you find them? A while ago you found “Better Days” and I loved that! Can you believe that in our sweet little town, about a week ago, a guy driving a suv and towing a boat, sped up the road and then rudely did a 360 turn right in front of us at top speed forcing us (who were walking) to pull up short – we’d been about to cross the side road he decided to turn round on. Name of the boat? Wifebeater. (There was a woman beside him in the car and Nigel thought she looked somewhat mortified at his antics). I prefer the boat names you find!

    • Oh good heavens! That’s horrendous! And WifeBeater!!???? Who names their boat that? The fact that a woman was with him at all is astounding, least she was there against her will! Glad you guys were not hurt! Yes, my boats are much milder in comparison!!!

  3. Wordless! I’m almost speechless – so many evocative images, and so few people, it must’ve been “L’heure Bleue” indeed. I love the apparently green cloth-wrapped building thing – A building I always enjoy seeing.

    • I am glad you liked them, I seem to be so lucky catch the city without any people. Maybe I view the city as mine and mine alone. The green covered building, it’s actually a steel and mesh structure with a (glass?) staircase on the outside is Cite de la Mode et Design, city of fashion and design by Jakob & MacFarlane architects who come from New Zealand, no wonder you liked it!!! đŸ€­

      • I thought it was an NZ architect but my notes are in a box from study days. Sounds a vertigo-inducing flight of stairs!

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