Today my poem Shades of Blue is featured on Exploring Colour, the beautiful and inspiring blog from Liz Cowburn;

It is featured alongside a powerful poem of loss and being found from Kay McKenzie Cooke entitled Found. Kay’s blog is

and a stunning water-colour painting of blue irises by Jodi McKinney from the blog

Liz has curated this little collection exploring the positivity of the colour blue while sharing two sides of the adoption spectrum with the help of photography from her husband Nigel.

Please take a moment to visit the blogs and explore the beauty and colour of painting, pictures, poetry and precious voices…


Dami X



    1. deuxiemepeau

      Thanks Jane. Liz really created something beautiful from Kay’s poem to Jodi’s irises that I am so bold over being a part of this piece 😘🤗

  1. Ms. Liz

    What a lovely introduction. Painting, pictures, poetry and precious voices. Thanks for including links to Kay and Jodi’s blogs.. wonderful!

    1. deuxiemepeau

      They are beautiful and inspirational, like yourself and so I hope as many people see and share their work as possible. There’ve been Twitter and Facebook posts too so I hope the visitors don’t miss this. Wonderful indeed! What a gift to the day, the life, the heart ❤️

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