Behold the delicate daffodil,
spirited squirrel,

moist moss of early morning in green garden,
towering tree thriving through winter,

the peace that dawns with the dust,
the blue sky afloat on still water,

absorbing, reflecting, meditating,

the simple root the river runs,
the rustle of the red rose tipped with thorns,

the flowering moonlight over stony soil,
the secrets Spring’s sun whispers to Summer’s stock.

Behold how nature nurtures

while man disappears beneath his own destruction.

Behold how much there is to learn from.

All words and photographs by Damien B. Donnelly

4th poem for Nation Poetry Month 2019


3 thoughts on “GREEN GARDEN

  1. Ah, the best came last. I’ve been catching up your posts and it seems obscene to rush through them like that. But this photo stopped me, what a treasure. Those beautiful spreading branches that appear to be holding up the very clouds! I could gaze at that scene for ages and then walk over to the shadow patterns and sit there perfectly at peace.

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