12 thoughts on “WORDLESS WEDNESDAY

  1. Awesome Dami! We’ve been in the teeth of the gale since we got back home on Tuesday night so its peaceful looking at your calm scenes! Nigel was looking over my shoulder for the first few but we hadn’t got to the ones you’ve kindly included for him before he had to do something else so I’ll let him know!

    • Oh no! I hope you are all doing okay and keeping grounded! Our first snow fell yesterday for hours but has disappeared into mush by evening. It’s cold but no gales thankfully! You guys hang in there! I thought of you both on my Sunday morning run and as I was going through the park anyway I couldn’t not grab some more pictures for Nigel. There are 24 I think in total, some of which are connected to a long walking/running walkway that runs along side the canal on a height. I think I have only seen about 7 so far, the place is huge. Best wishes and hugs 🤗

      • And our best wishes and hugs right back! You are very kind to think of us and to take some extra photos for Nigel, which I can tell you he appreciates very much! Weather is marginally better today 🙂 First snow is always special isn’t it, and you wrote a wonderful new year poem about it that I love. All good here although its very strange to have the heatpump on in mid-summer (yes its that chilly!) You please take care to stay warm and cosy!

  2. Hi Dami – Thanks very much for all the Tschumi’s – I have never seen any views inside them before. And it looks like you’re getting the same grey weather that we are.

    • You are welcome Nigel. Grey skies, white snows and then brownish mush, all in a day’s dull light but thankfully the red of Villette adds a certain spark and contrast to the dreariness! A lot of them have stairs to access overground walkways, or just viewpoints. Take care in the gales!!! 🤞

    • All my years here, and the other ones a lifetime ago, and I never realized that the canal extended beyond Villette, although I think maybe 20 years ago you went beyond and never made it back! My usual run of 6km turned into 13km! Needless to say I was sofa bound the rest of Sunday!!! 🤭🤭🤭

    • It’s amazing! I just have to make sure I can catch it and not run by it which why when I take a new running route I take the same way back so I and see every thing I might have missed! Hope you’re keeping warm 🤗🤗

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