Last weekend, I was fortunate enough to be one of the artists featured in the latest issue of Barren Magazine, entitled Birch Black, Bone White, curated by Jason Ramsey, found on Twitter at @barrenmagazine and @JasonDRamsey

Website link:

This literary Journal, now in its third issue, is a powerful testament to the talent out there today, a collection of voices and visionaries from all around the world.  The themes are dark and the subjects often kept in the shadows but the veil has been drawn and this journal exposes the beauty on the bruises and the strength behind the falls.

Quote from the editor: This issue is dark, but it is glorious and beautiful to the core. — Jason D. Ramsey, Editor

Please take a moment to check out this new astonishingly bare and beautiful literary Journal for artists and note that submissions are now being accepted for issue 4; short stories, poetry, essays and photography .

Don’t miss out, there is true beauty to be found here…

Barren Magazine, Issue 3

12 thoughts on “Barren Magazine, Issue 3

      • I’ve been reading some of the pieces and they’re very good. But dark and obscure. Yours is deep as usual but not desperate.
        You all write the kind of poetry that makes me feel inadequately wounded. I’m not complaining, but it makes for light and cheery rather than deep and meaningful.

      • That’s so funny because when I read your poetry I am always stunned by your knowledge of style and your ability to capture elegance and loss at times that are so balanced it lets you draw a breath at the end rather than feel totally drained. You capture the sweet darkness very well my dear

      • Thank you. Sweet darkness, the kind we all have inside, I can do, but not broken childhoods and abuse and physical suffering. I know you don’t do that either, but I admire those who can write about the really terrible things and do it convincingly.

  1. The repetition works so well in your poem. We do repeat those patterns, don’t we? Congratulations!
    I will go back and read more, but the photos are breathtaking. (K)

    • Thanks Kerfe! I feel so honored to be a a part of this journal! The content is so breathtaking, tough subjects that need voices and visions! I completely agree- the photos are unbelievable!!! They are open for submissions!!!

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