Fragility falling
through fine flecks
of fair filigree,
perfect patterns
of individuality
speckled on
imperfect individuals.
Snowflakes melt
on steaming skin
thin on time,
too thick to break through,
you cannot always
sink below the surface
of an iceberg,
we cannot break through
all that lays beneath,
all the lies
below the surface,
it gets hotter
the closer you come
to the cold truth,
only in space
can a spec appear spotless.

Fragility falling
through the folds
of a snowstorm,
we are the swept
and the sweepers,
we must be swift,
icicles can injure,
perfection can pierce.
I can be broken,
I can be better,
I can be broken
but it takes time to rebuild.

I can be a snow-swept
filigree falling
through the perfection of time
and time, with all its perfection,
with its constant movement and minutes,
is as fragile as that snowflake.


All words and drawings by Damien B. Donnelly

Audio version available on Soundcloud:



    • Thank you Kerfe. I love your comments. They make me want to write more or maybe just read more of yours! Greetings from my arrival in London where it is quite cold and crispy, but warm too!!

    • Thank you Nigel, I’ll take the like for all it’s worth, it’s amazing how a simple like can bring so much light. Here’s to all our glistening before the fall. Take care of yourselves

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