Rustle rocks,
the night has murmured to the soul;
Peace cannot rest in the shade for long,
it seeks but a sanctuary for a season,
Eden could not flower forever,
there were other fields waiting
to be found as fertile,
other apples begging to be tasted,
other counties where curiosity
wasn’t a closure to the contract.

Behold this wind, this wild thing,
its tendrils tug so on my flesh.

Bright is the breath
as the path waits to be pressed.

All words and photographs by Damien B. Donnelly


6 thoughts on “JOURNEYS, PART 14, THE RUSTLING

    • Australia is the closest I’ve been, Sydney for three amazing weeks back in 2003, I think. The friendliest place I think I’ve been too! With the wildest and weirdest insects!!! And bats too numerous to fill a belfry!

      • Australia is an amazing place, and huge! Incredible diversity of plants and wildlife, and VERY colourful. On the whole its also very different to NZ. I’m glad you found a friendly welcome there 🙂 🙂

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